What are the interests?

Support for wake-up, raise or move an animal, its welfare is yours.


At the present time in equine practice, there are some techniques for raising, reeducation and displacement.
Sometimes these can get:
  • traumatic for an animal already injured;
  • dangerous for the animal and nursing staff;
  • difficult to set up;
  • time consuming;
  • expensive.
The Equi-lift has the advantage of being used everywhere, it is an extremely versatile device.

Animal welfare

In our societies, animal welfare is getting more and more important. Using such a device makes a lot of sense. Time has now come for professionalization of care and techniques in every field of medicine.
Our device can raise up quickly and without stress and pain. Equi-lift allows the animal to be comfortable in a physiological situation the required time for recovery.


In veterinary practice there are a lot of cases which for the Equi-lift models constitute a real optimization for recovery.