Model Classic

This is the simplest model for raising a lying horse, with animal welfare as the keyword.‍
Model Classic


Frequently, as veterinarians, we are called in for horses that are lying down, unable to get up. There are a multitude of cases encountered every day and for which the Equi-lift cushion therefore allows a real optimisation of the success of the treatment.
This system proves to be very efficient in the recovery of pathologies such as :
  • arthrosis ;
  • trauma ;
  • myopathy ;
  • fractures ;
  • ...
This cushion is also of great interest to animal rescuers and firefighters who deal with large animals at risk on a daily basis.
Equi-lift model Classic is equipped with straps and anchors allowing the air device to be lifted with the animal into.
Equi-lift model Classic can also be used as a surgery table for home surgery.
Model Classic

Firefighter rescuers

It can be adapted in size according to the needs of the rescuers and thus be slipped with the animal into the trucks or vans used to transport the animals to shelters or their living quarters.


The cushion is put on deflated under the animal lying down unable to get up, the cushion is inflated using the compressor supplied with the device, in 5 minutes the animal is up and in a standing position. This is the simplest alternative to picking up a prone horse with animal welfare as the watchword.
In equine veterinary medicine, there are a multitude of cases for which the different Equi-lift models certainly constitute a real optimization of the animal's chances of recovery. Each model will be able to respond to a common problem

Setting up

  • 1
    Lightly sedate the animal if necessary. Protect the feet with tape or adhesive tape to avoid any laceration of the cushion.
  • 2
    Restrain the front and rear limbs unless the animal cannot use one of its limbs. A bandaged member will therefore not be hindered.
  • 3
    Make sure the ground is flat and free of roughness.
  • 4
    Slide the deflated cushion under the animal lying in lateral decubitus.
  • 5
    Straighten the animal into a sternal position
  • 6
    Inflate the cushion by pushing regularly on the back hand of the animal so that the air circulates throughout the cushion
  • 7
    Once inflated, stabilize the cushion in the environment. In the vast majority of cases, the animal will get up and stand straight up, but in some cases it will have to stay in the inflatable for a while before it is able to stand up. In this case, it is essential to stabilize the cushion via straps by attaching it to fixed elements in the environment.