Model RC

The safest alternative for waking up horses after anaesthesia in the clinic.‍
Model RC


The wake-up time after anesthesia is the period between the disconnection of the animal from the anesthesia machine and the standing position, 32 percent of anesthesia mortality happens during this phase. This time is critical because the animal needs close and specific surveillance which can be dangerous and difficult.
Equi-lift model RC allows best conditions for horse wake-up, limiting risks of injuries, fractures, both for animals and humans.
Equi-lift decreases post anesthesia neuropathies, the animal is placed in a protective area and comes out ones it is capable of.


Model specifically created and developed for waking up after surgery.
After surgery, the animal is gently placed on the previously inflated and opened cushion. Once the animal has been properly placed, the inflatable structure is closed and you just have to wait for the horse to wake up.
This awakening technique is ideal for preventing falls, trauma or fractures, frequently encountered during complicated awakenings.
The interest is notable for older animals, with reduced locomotor points of view as well as for animals of great value or during very long surgeries.

Setting up